The only mobile cloud platform for professional concrete contractors and producers who want to see improved profitability from fewer mistakes, Truckast provides complete and contextual information about concrete orders and pour performance. Truckast is the first to provide near real-time data at the job site, tracking performance during the pour. Our  mobile solutions are dramatically improving the way contractors and producers work and communicate.

TRUCKAST is helping us communicate better with our customers… it creates new level of mutual performance and trust.Henry Batten, President of Concrete Supply Co.

Create trust and transparency

TRUCKAST Selected for Largest

Concrete Pour in History

All stakeholders in construction project connected in real time for pour involving more than 2000 truckloads over 20 hours

The Wilshire Grand construction team completed the largest continuous foundation pour ever using an app from TRUCKAST. The app allowed the concrete producer, construction manager, owners, developers, architects, engineers and truckers to be connected in real time to make critical logistical decisions throughout the 20-hour foundation pour. “TRUCKAST provided remarkable transparency and accountability throughout the grand pour. This enabled me and other key stakeholders to be continuously informed throughout the process. These TRUCKAST benefits will carry forward through to the Wilshire Grand completion,” said Chris Martin, CEO and Chairman of AC Martin Partners and the master architect on the project.

“Our customers are surprised by the strange transparency of TRUCKAST! They are thrilled they can communicate with us in a different fashion. You develop a level of trust you might not have had before.”
Earl Brinker, CEO, Irving Materials, Inc.
“TRUCKAST enables new and better conversations with our customers. Now that both of us simultaneously have the same real-time, complete and contextual information, we are changing how we work together.”
Ed Luce, General Manager, Vulcan Materials, Inc.
“People say they don’t like change, but I do. Once people see the improved profitability from fewer mistakes that TRUCKAST enables, they will change the way they work for the better.”
Scott Beaty, WE Beaty, Inc.
“TRUCKAST is an innovation idea that is driving the construction industry in the right direction. With this new, high quality, real-time information, TRUCKAST is changing how we work both internally and with our suppliers.”
Scot Samuelson, General Superintendent, DPR Construction, Inc.
“Customers and their teams can scrutinize and double check anytime to make sure they have the right products, coming to the right location, at the right time – with TRUCKAST we can react early and effectively, a big win-win.”
Mike Brown, Vice President, Irving Materials, Inc.
“With TRUCKAST I’m now able to see when my guys are ordering, changing orders, and firming-up orders and whether their timeliness is effective or causing problems.”
Scott Beaty, WE Beaty, Inc.
“It is complete transparency relative to whether we are doing what we told them we would do, and whether they’re performing at the job site the way they told us – it’s a live, up-front, honest exchange of information.”
Earl Brinker, CEO, Irving Materials, Inc.
“With TRUCKAST I instantly and always know what is happening – no more sitting around guessing, wishing, hoping and wasting money – now guys take lunch or work on another part of the project.”
Kye Phillps, Superintendent, Charles Fisher Construction


Gain transparent and trustworthy information instantaneously.

Access real-time information
Reduce anxiety with instant reliable information
Create mutual clear accountability for delivered orders



Improve crew utilization and job management.

Decrease down-time and delays at the project site
Improve job communication, planning and utilization
Instantly access organized and complete job information



Track your trucks and chat with sales or dispatch at any time.

Access real-time order to job visibility, from batch to pour out
Plan with newly accurate truck and order arrival information
Decreased down time, delays and job site stress



Place orders without wasting time with phone calls.

Improve ordering, reordering and job organization
Reduce time spent waiting on hold and redundant follow-up calls
Utilize 24/7 ordering and order review