Stop Wondering When Your Next Batch of Concrete is Arriving


There’s nothing worse for productivity or your schedule than sitting around the job site twiddling your thumbs waiting for materials to rise, especially when it comes to concrete.  For most jobs, concrete pours are milestones that just can’t be missed without devastating consequences.  The problem is, concrete deliveries place the contractor at the mercy of the supplier, making call after call following up to make sure there are no delays.

To try and solve that issue, Truckast, a logistics software for both contractors and suppliers, was created.  Available for the iPhone and Android devices, Truckast not only connects contractors with available suppliers, it also allows you to see the progress and quality of your batch, so you know exactly when it’s complete right in the palm of your hand, no phone calls necessary.  Once your batch is complete, the app even track where your truck is and when it will arrive at the site, leaving the superintendent stress free so he or she can focus on other tasks. For the project manager and estimator, it provides accurate and detailed information to allow them to better plan for their next project.

Check out the demo app on Truckast’s website for more information ($220/yr) | Truckast


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